June 19, 2023

5 Tips for Decorating with Machine Washable Rugs

By Green Decore
5 Tips for Decorating with Machine Washable Rugs

Rugs are one of the most underrated decor elements. It not only adds aesthetic value to a room but functionality as well. Now, with the introduction of machine washable rugs, decorating has become very easy.  

Washable indoor rugs are a great accessory to add to any room. You can either use it to lift up the spirits, insert a pop of colour or make the room extra cosy and comforting. It can anchor a room and define it.  

In order to decorate your home with a washable rug in the best way possible, you need to understand the decor goal and best placement to ensure that you don’t end up with a chaotic look.  

To help you start your design journey, take help from the blog from Green Decore, where we have shared 5 tips for decorating with machine washable rugs 

Traditional Beauty for Hallway and Entryway 

If you want to welcome your guests with majestic beauty, try a Persian runner rug. Create a soft landing in the entryway and hallway with a Vernal Washable Persian Rug. Pair it with similar colour schemes and coordinating patterns. If you’re considering adding comfort to this high-traffic area, an entryway or hallway runner could turn a boring place into a statement piece.  

Washable Bedroom Rugs for Comfort 

Draping a bedroom rug across the bottom of your bed adds comfort and warmth to the room. It will act as a throw blanket, keeping you warm on chilly nights.  

Warm up the Kitchen with Kitchen Runners 

Warm up your kitchen with a beautiful kitchen runner. A beautiful Persian runner or abstract runner rug can make your stark and cold kitchen into a cosy and warm one. Moreover, to maintain the washable kitchen runner, simply toss it into the washing machine. It will reduce your cleaning procedure and can be easily cleaned during the weekly laundry session.  

Add Colours to Living Spaces with Washable Living Room Rugs 

We all know that rugs transform a room. And when you place a washable indoor rug into the living room, they instantly ground a room, adding colours, personality and pattern to the room. Washable living room rugs are a great investment. Moroccan rugs are the ones that add personality to the room. Or if you want a sophisticated look, a grey washable rug will work wonders. Hence, decorate your living room with machine washable living room rugs.  

Enjoy the Spills with Washable Dining Room Rugs 

Dining room rugs have been gaining popularity over the last few years. Adding an Aztec rug under the dining table adds fun to the space. Moreover, adding a Persian rug ups the elegance in the room and helps match the rest of your home’s decor. Spill and stain accidents in the dining room are common, hence, to keep the rug looking fresh, chuck it into the washing machine.  


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