June 13, 2023

5 Kitchen Rug Ideas to add Warmth, Colour and Pattern to your Floor

By Green Decore
5 Kitchen Rug Ideas to add Warmth, Colour and Pattern to your Floor

Kitchen rugs may not be the first thing that comes to mind while decorating a kitchen. However, rugs are a brilliant way to bring warmth and comfort to a place, where you have to endure long-standing hours. Kitchen rugs are a great way to inject personality into practical spaces.  

Since the kitchen is in constant use, it is considered a high-traffic area. Hence, it becomes more important to consider a durable rug, which can help protect hard floors and absorb noise.  

So, whether you’re designing a new kitchen or adding extra oomph to your older version, we have some amazing kitchen runners and rug ideas that are sure to update your space.  

Furthermore, we offer a range of vernal washable kitchen rugs that will surely add convenience to your space.  

So, let’s get started! 

The Best Kitchen Rug Designs to add Warmth Underfoot 

Since, kitchen rugs are available in a variety of colours, materials and patterns, it becomes difficult to select one. When choosing a rug for the kitchen, practicality is the key. And this is where vernal washable rugs come into the picture.  

We offer machine washable indoor rugs that are easy to clean and have a low-pile height. These rugs are less likely to pick up dirt and debris from busy family life. 

Here are some washable kitchen runners and rugs ideas that are practical and beautiful: 

  •  Machine Washable Kitchen Rug for Country Kitchen 

If you have a homely, country kitchen go for washable geometric rugs. These rugs will allow for a lived-in look and add new personality to your cookery. Add a unique feel to your cooking haven with a geometric kitchen rug.  

  • Antique Rug for Modern Kitchen 

If you have a modern kitchenette and want to add some contrast, try placing a washable antique rug. This rug style is very effective and helps create a cosy kitchen space. Moreover, you can easily add the quirkiness and relaxed feel of a 17th-century home to your 21st-century refuge. Kitchen runners would also help liven up these spaces.  

  • Neutral Rug Colours for Calming Atmosphere 

In a world that is running too fast, you can make your kitchen area grounding and soothing. Simply place a neutral-coloured runner. Rugs in muted earthy tones like beige help you to reconnect with your surroundings. It creates a palette similar to that of the natural world. Go for a beige washable runner and create a serene atmosphere in your kitchen.  

Monochrome kitchen trends have been there for a very long time. Placing a black and white kitchen runner or rug is a great way to add drama and style to your cookhouse. To further enhance the beauty of the kitchen, you can add assorted artworks in vintage gold frames or antique wall sconces. These small additions when paired with a black and white rug will add personality and warm up the look.  

  • Patterned Washable Rug to add Contrast 

If you have a large floor space in your kitchen, it will make a great area to display a bold patterned rug. It will help make the space feel more homely and intimate. Patterned rugs are a great choice for busy areas like kitchens. This is because the lively and colourful pattern of the rug helps to hide dirt and marks. 


Hence, we can conclude that kitchens are busy places with high footfall. To add style and functionality to your space, you should choose a rug that is made from durable and hardwearing materials.  

In terms of durability and functionality, there is one rug brand that stands out Vernal Washable Rugs! We offer rugs that are machine washable, durable, stylish and affordable. You can use this vernal machine washable indoor rug not just in your kitchen but also in other rooms like the living room, dining room and bedroom.  

The vernal collection offers washable rugs in the following sizes, runner rugs (75 cm X 240 cm), medium rugs (120 cm X 180 cm and 150 cm X 210 cm) and large washable rugs (200 cm X 300 cm).  

Browse through the entire collection and find your perfect kitchen rug!