Vernal Machine Washable Rugs (Non Slip Rugs)

Rather than spending a hefty amount on cleaning area rugs, shop online for Vernal Washable Rugs. We offer rugs that can be easily cleaned at home. These are available in an assortment of colours (from beige rugs to grey rugs), designs (from traditional Persian rugs to modern abstract rugs) and sizes (from washable hallway runners to large washable rugs). Find everything in one rug collection: Comfortable, Stylish and Durable Vernal Rugs!

Invite Convenience and Comfort with Vernal Machine Washable Rugs 

We are aware that choosing a rug that works with your interior design is not always simple. Machine washable rugs or washable indoor rugs are floor coverings that are specifically designed to be cleaned in a washing machine. These rugs are both aesthetically beautiful and offer functional features.  

Below are some of the reasons to choose machine washable indoor rugs and runners. 

Reasons To Choose Washable Indoor Rugs! 

Here are some reasons why you should buy a machine washable rug for your home if you're still debating whether you need one or not. 

  • Machine Washable  

Many experts advise having your floor rugs professionally cleaned at least once a year because vacuuming your rug won’t get rid of contaminants and allergens. Many businesses charge a high price for a small rug; therefore, a standard-size rug would cost considerably more.   

If you don’t have the time or money to hire experts to clean your rugs, these w ashable indoor rugs are your saviour. Toss them into your washing machine and get a brand-new-looking rug without spending a heavy amount.   

  • Kids Friendly  

Kids are known for running around the house. As a result, many parents are hesitant to buy rugs out of concern that they would get dirty from their kid’s muddy shoes, which would leave stains.  

But machine washable area rugs overcome this problem for you because you can simply chuck them in a washing machine.   

  • Maintain Clean Air Quality  

Rug fibres accumulate pet’s odour, bacteria and allergens. Thereby polluting the air, you breathe and amplifying allergies.   

The only way to eliminate pollutants from your rug is to wash it. Washable rugs and runners will help you maintain the clean air quality in your home, preventing you from becoming ill.   

  • Pet Friendly  

Having a pet is a wonderful thing; they gradually become an integral part of the family. On the other hand, their muddy paws and waste can make a rug dirty and stinky. Even fragrances are incapable in this regard, so people give up on the idea of buying them. However, these washable floor rugs will save your day.   

  • Save you money  

Unquestionably, this product is far more durable than ordinary carpets available on the market. Since it can be washed, you don’t have to abandon it after it gets stained. It can be washed multiple times; thus, you don’t have to buy new rugs over and over, hence making it cost-effective.   

What Sizes Do We Offer? 

There are several different sizes available for our washable indoor rugs. The dimensions are as follows: 

Look through the assortment of Vernal Washable Rugs and choose the one that best suits your room. You can choose from a variety of styles & colours for our rugs, and we also offer customising options. 

Different Colours of Machine Washable Rugs  

Different rug colours define different living spaces. For instance, if you want to make your living room look modern, warm and welcoming, try placing a dark rug in the space. Moreover, you can customise your bedroom or living room by selecting a blue, pink or red rug.   

Keeping in mind the different colour combinations, we offer Vernal Rugs in a variety of colours. Some of our trendy carpet shades include beige rugs, cream washable rugs, grey rugs and pink washable rugs. Moreover, our dark-coloured rug range includes black rugs, brown washable rugs, blue machine washable rugs, red rugs and several others. Our other shade of rug includes multicolour rugs, taupe rugs, orange rugs and teal washable rugs.   

Select from a gamut of rug colours offered by Vernal Machine Washable Rugs and colour your home the way you like!     

Different Designs and Patterns of Machine Washable Rugs  

Different rug designs work with different home decor styles. To cater to diverse decor styles, Vernal Washable Rugs are available in various designs. Here are some of the popular rug designs:   

  • Moroccan Rugs 

Moroccan rugs effortlessly merge traditional craftsmanship with contemporary appeal. These rugs feature geometric patterns and vibrant colours.  

  • Persian Rugs 

These rugs are a timeless symbol of luxury and refinement. Moreover, Persian rugs showcase intricate patterns and delicate floral motifs with a rich colour palette.  

  • Abstract Rugs 

For those who appreciate contemporary art and bold designs, we offer abstract rugs that feature unconventional patterns, asymmetrical shapes and vibrant colour combinations.  

  • Aztec Rugs 

Often showcasing geometric patterns and earthy colour palettes, these rugs add rustic charm to any room. For those who embrace bohemian or southwestern aesthetics, Aztec-style rugs are for them.  

Boho rugs embody the free-spirited and eclectic style associated with boho chic decor. These rugs feature a mix of vibrant colours and intricate patterns. For a laid-back elegance, go for a bohemian rug.  

  • Vintage Rugs 

Due to their nostalgic appeal and timeless aesthetic, vintage rugs have become increasingly popular. Vernal washable vintage rugs effortlessly infuse a touch of history and elegance into any room.  

  • Oriental Rugs 

Oriental rugs are also known as Persian rugs. These rugs are renowned for their unparalleled craftsmanship and rich cultural heritage.  

  • Turkish Rugs 

These rugs are revered for their exceptional quality and enduring beauty. Often featuring geometric patterns, vibrant hues and a lush pile, Turkish rugs create a striking visual impact.  

  • Kilim Rugs 

These rugs are characterised by their intricate tapestry-like designs, bold colours and lightweight nature. Our Vernal Rugs offer all these qualities.  

  • Floral Rugs 

Floral rugs add a touch of nature and whimsy to your home. They feature intricate floral motifs and are available in a wide array of styles, from traditional to contemporary.  

  • Antique Rugs 

These rugs are a testament to the beauty of the past. Antique rugs exude a sense of timelessness and sophistication.  

For those seeking a more contemporary and avant-garde aesthetic, modern rugs offer a plethora of options. These rugs often feature abstract patterns, bold colours and unconventional designs.     

Why are Machine Washable Rugs necessary?  

Just imagine, your favourite rug is on sale. However, ordering the perfect rug online is always a challenging task. After hours of research and scrolling through the internet, you’ve finally found a rug that you believe will be ideal for your home and will adorn it.  

However, you are hosting a party and juice is spilt on your area rug! How would you react? It would undoubtedly ruin your mood. You would feel as if you’ve wasted both time and money in search of the perfect rug! 

To solve this emergency, the Vernal Washable Rug Collection is crafted. The machine wash rug collection is the perfect amalgamation of modern technology and the beauty of traditional non washable area rugs. These rugs are convenient as they will save you a lot of time and effort.   

Ordinary rugs may get ruined by a single wash, whereas the best washable rugs by Vernal Collection can be washed multiple times. These are long-lasting products that will endure for many years and will not compel buyers to purchase a brand-new rug with the onset of the new season.   

Advantages of Having Vernal Machine Washable Rugs  

  • Machine Washable  

It used to be difficult for homeowners to deal with stains as the rugs would wrinkle and tear after washing. And the scenario would be frightening if juice were to spill on them.   

You can wash the rugs in a washing machine without using your hands, which will save you a lot of time and trouble. You can also use a Hoover to remove dust and pollutants from the rug.   

  • Anti Slip Backing  

Our washable area rugs have an non-slip or anti-slip backing that provides a good grip on the ground, ensuring that it does not slip. Many people use tape or glue to keep it in place, but this is not necessary with our rugs. Our rugs come with an anti-slip backing.   

If you have kids who like to run around the house during playtime, our rugs will keep them safe from harm because an ordinary rug may cause them to fall.   

  • Easy Cleaning  

Made from cutting-edge technology, our vernal rugs are very easy to clean. Spills and stains can be easily removed by washing them frequently in the washing machine.   

  • Non Shed  

Customers complain that just after one wash, the rugs shed. However, that is not the case with Vernal Washable Rugs. Our rugs are composed of high-quality materials and the most advanced rug-making technology. They are non-shedding in regular use.   

  • Elegant Design  

Vernal Rug Collection provides a broad range of stylish rugs that are beautiful and will make your home look stunning. Our products will not only add flair but also keep your guests comfortable while they are visiting.      

Where Can You Place These Rugs?  

  • Runners for Entryway  

In bigger homes with an entryway, consider placing a long machine washable runner close to the front door, possibly next to a small entryway table. Our non slip entryway runner will provide a firm grip, keeping every foot intact, preventing slipping and conveying a gracious welcome.   

  • Runners for Hallway   

A hall runner is ideal as it provides comfort and is visually appealing. Our long carpet runner rug for hallway can be placed in this area to provide a warm welcome to visitors and paint a positive image in their minds.   

The living room is the first place that comes to mind when buying a rug. Our gorgeous living room rugs are sure to complement your opulent sofa set. However, for a medium-sized room, we recommend placing a medium washable carpet in the living room. Placing the rug under the sofa set is the best option one could have. You can also experiment to see what works best for the place you have.   

A kitchen runner rug can be used at multiple spots within the kitchen to keep the floor clean. Such as in front of the sink, in small spaces between the counters and cupboards, right in front of the stove and more.   

The ideal size runners can be chosen to make a grand entrance to your kitchen.   

Placing a rug in the dining room will instantly add style to your home. This adversely affects the experience of sitting at the dining table. You centre the dining room rug beneath the table and ensure that it is large enough to accommodate each chair.   

Our vernal large washable rugs ensure that your chair remains comfortable and does not slip. Since we offer non slip rugs for the dining room.   

The most typical placement for a large rug in a bedroom is alongside the bed. It helps draw attention to the largest piece of furniture in the space. A large washable rug can be placed on the ground beside the bed. If your bedroom has a separate sitting area in the corner, washable rugs can also be sued around the rest of the room to add cosiness.   

Consider using a medium bedroom rug, it will undoubtedly complement your relaxing haven.   

Nursery rugs play a vital role in creating a cosy and playful environment for a nursery room or playroom. Our large washable rugs provide both comfort and style, making them perfect for little ones to crawl, play and explore. Moreover, the vernal playroom rugs are designed with soft materials and gentle textures to ensure a safe and comfortable surface for babies and toddlers.  

To Conclude! 

Hence, we can say that a machine washable rug has several advantages over a conventional one because it can be washed in a machine. Moreover, there is no need to worry about stains that force you to discard it.   

If you’ve been looking for machine washable indoor rugs online for a very long time. Then don’t worry as you’ve landed on the best platform!  

Vernal Washable Rugs have various benefits associated with them, including the fact that they are machine washable, easy to clean and have excellent designs and colours. These printed patterns, which are produced using the most advanced rug-making technology, provide a tactile impression on a soft polyester base.   

To get a rug that perfectly fits your space and complements your decor, choose from a selection of sizes and colours from our online store. Our rugs have low pile height for easy cleaning. These machine washable rugs will look well in living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and nursery rooms.   

Browse through the incredible selection of Vernal Rugs on the Green Decore UK website. Buy now the best washable rugs and receive amazing discounts and offers!  

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