Solid/Tonal Rugs

Our Solid/Tonal design rugs bring to mind the organic richness of endless golden fields.  These rugs are water-resistant, stain-proof and easy to clean, which makes them the ideal choice to complement the outdoor décor or any indoor area.  Our rugs are composed of high-quality recycled plastics and are extremely durable.

Solid/Tonal Area Rug

There are so many fascinating patterns and designs that appear like works of art to choose from when buying a rug. These exquisite rugs are genuine one-of-a-kind pieces. You might come across solid rugs and wonder why someone would select them over something with more colour and design. Solid rugs are available in a variety of textures, hues, and tones, making them far from boring. Consider how a solid/tonal rug could contrast nicely with a lot of décor and exotic furniture if you care about the overall aesthetic of your area. A solid rug may be used to highlight your favourite artwork, a stunning coffee table, or as a blank canvas to build a space around.

In your hunt for the right rug, there are five main types of solid/ tonal rugs to consider. Neutral-colored rugs bring light into a space and draw attention to the things that surround the rug. Natural fibre rugs are beautiful earth tones that provide a natural aspect to any room. Solid rugs in bright colours offer a splash of vibrancy to a space without going overboard with too much pattern or colour. Low pile solid rugs are contemporary, minimalist, and soft on the eyes.

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