Hallway Runners

Hallway Rugs & Runners – Create a Stylish Runway for your Hallway

Hallway runners provide an opportunity to add personality and flair to transitional spaces at home in the UK. Vernal Washable Rug Collection offers runners to decorate and protect the high-traffic areas of your home. Our hallway runner rugs in the UK not only add style and personality to your space but they also serve a practical purpose. We offer extra long washable hall runners that will prevent dirt and debris from being tracked throughout your home. Our washable runners are perfect for bringing beauty and style to your hallway. So, whatever rug choice you have, we have something for you. Browse our selection today to order online the perfect hallway rug to elevate your home.  

Hallway Rugs & Runners – Create a Stylish Runway for your Hallway

Hallway runners give you freedom and flexibility. Unlike large rugs, that require proper planning for the set-up procedure, runner rugs can be placed easily. Moreover, if you want to bring some warmth and colour to a narrow space in your home, Vernal extra long hall runners are the perfect choice. We offer hallway rugs in a plethora of design styles and colour shades to choose from.

Our range of hall way runners include traditional runners, modern hall runners, geometric hallway runner, abstract runner rug and several other designs. Some of the rug shades include pink hallway runners, black runner rugs, grey hallway runners, green runner rugs, blue hall way runners and others.

If your hallway is quite cold and possibly slippery, one of our runners for hallway could be a great fit for you. The anti-slip backing ensures that you are safe from slips and falls. You can go for a neutral design or bright and colourful runners. Our non slip hallway runners are sure to make a statement.

So, whether you are looking to add warmth or colour to your hallway in your UK home, simply get yourself the Vernal Hallway Runner. These runner rugs are as fabulous as they are functional. Add softness and a sense of calm to your space.

We offer free UK delivery. Buy one of our runners for hallway today!

Why do you need a Hallway Runner?

Hallways are like the arteries of our homes, connecting various rooms and serving as transitional spaces. Often overlooked, hallways offer a unique opportunity to infuse style, warmth and practicality into your home decor. Long hall runner rugs are the perfect solution to elevate your hallway’s functionality and aesthetics.

They help to protect your floors from wear and tear, reducing the chances of scratches and scuffs caused by foot traffic. Moreover, hallway rugs can visually connect with different areas of your home, creating a cohesive and stylish flow. Extra long runner for hallway also offers an opportunity to showcase your personal style and enhance the ambience of your hallway.

Washable Hallway Runner to the rescue: Vernal Rug Collection

Say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning carpet runners with the Vernal Washable Rug Collection. These washable runner rugs for hallways are designed with convenience in mind. Made from the most advanced rug-making technology, they can be easily thrown into the washing machine. Thereby ensuring a fresh and clean look for your hallway.

The Vernal Machine Washable Indoor Rug Collection combines style and practicality, allowing you to effortlessly maintain a beautiful and hygienic hallway.

Benefits of Hallway Runner

There are various benefits of having a vernal hallway rug in your home:

  • Protection
  • One of the primary benefits of rugs for hallways is their ability to protect your floors. Hallways often experience heavy foot traffic, which can lead to scratches, scuffs and wear. A well-placed runner acts as a protective shield, creating a barrier between shows and the floor surface. This helps to maintain the integrity and longevity of your flooring, ensuring it stays beautiful for years to come.

  • Noise Reduction
  • Hallways are high-traffic areas that cause echoes and amplify noise throughout your home. The addition of a carpet runner helps absorb sound, reducing echoes and creating a quieter environment. This is especially beneficial in multi-level homes or apartments where noise travels easily. With Vernal washable rugs for hallway, you can enjoy a more peaceful and serene atmosphere.

  • Enhanced Safety
  • Slips and falls can occur, particularly on hard flooring surfaces. Vernal rugs provide a secure and slip-resistant path, reducing the risk of accidents. We offer hallway runners with non slip backing to ensure maximum safety for you and your loved ones.

  • Style and Visual Impact
  • Runner rugs are an excellent way to add style, personality and visual interest to your hallway. They serve as an opportunity to showcase your unique taste and complement your overall interior design. Whether you prefer a bold and vibrant pattern, a subtle and sophisticated design or a traditional and timeless look, there is a Vernal Long Hallway Runner Rug for you. Choose from a variety of designs and colours to create a cohesive and visually appealing space.

  • Defining Space and Flow
  • Runner rugs help define and separate different areas within your home. By strategically placing an extra long hall runner, you can visually delineate the hallway from adjacent rooms or create a pathway that guides the flow of movement. This adds structure and organization to your home, enhancing the overall functionality and navigation.

  • Easy Maintenance
  • We offer carpet runner rugs that are easy to clean and maintain. Our rugs are made from durable and stain-resistant materials to simplify upkeep. To keep the rug looking fresh, simply toss it into the washing machine. This will ensure maintenance and longevity.

    Different Designs and Patterns of Hallway Runners

    Every home has a different style and every homeowner likes to have a rug that suits their decor style. Keeping these things in mind, we have designed hallway runner rugs in a variety of designs, including:

  • Geometric Patterns
  • Geometric rugs are timeless. These rugs feature geometric shapes like squares, triangles, diamonds or intricate geometric motifs. Geometric hallway runners bring a sense of order and structure to your hallway, creating a modern and contemporary aesthetic. Geometric runners effortlessly complement various interior styles, from minimalist and Scandinavian to eclectic and bohemian.

  • Persian Design
  • Add a touch of elegance and sophistication with Persian runner rugs. These runners typically showcase intricate floral motifs, ornate borders and a harmonious colour palette. These carpet runners exude timeless beauty and add a touch of luxury to your hallway. Moreover, they complement traditional and classic interior styles, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

  • Modern Design
  • Modern hall runners are gaining attention from home decor experts and enthusiasts. Nowadays, these modern runners have become a quintessential item of utility and style. Modern hallway runners involve a lot of creative craftsmanship that promises appeal, comfort and style. Attract the attention of home decor aspirants with modern hall runners.

  • Aztec Design
  • Inspired by the rich cultural heritage of the Aztec civilisation, Aztec runners are characterised by bold and vibrant patterns. These runner rugs often feature intricate geometric motifs, zigzag patterns and tribal-inspired designs. Aztec rugs inject a sense of energy and global charm into your hallway, creating a captivating focal point that sparks conversation and adds cultural depth to your home decor.

  • Abstract Rugs
  • Abstract rugs offer an artistic and contemporary touch to your hallway decor. These runners feature designs using bold colours and free-flowing shapes. These rugs add a sense of dynamism and creativity to your hallway, making it a focal point that sparks inspiration and conversation.

  • Moroccan Rugs
  • Moroccan-inspired hallway runners feature captivating patterns that reflect the rich cultural heritage of Morocco. These runners incorporate geometric shapes, intricate motifs and a blend of bold and earthy colours. Moroccan rugs add a sense of exotic charm and a bohemian flair to your hallway.

    Amazing Hallway Runner Colours you’ll love

    Rug colours significantly impact bringing interior designs together and influencing how a space makes you feel. While choosing the rug’s colour, select a rug that will complement the colour palette. Thereby creating a statement that looks intentional.

    Vernal Runners are available in a range of different colour shades. From lighter colours to increase the illusion of space to deeper tones for warmth.

    Some carpet runner rug shades include orange, red, taupe, teal, beige and pink runners. We also offer rugs in the following shades black hallway runners, grey hallway runners, blue rugs and brown runners.

    Lighter tones like pink and beige runners can make the smallest hallway look bigger by reflecting natural light. Pair the lighter tones with a bohemian decor style. Or if you like deeper colour tones like black and grey, these shades make your living spaces feel cosy and warm. They help in creating an inviting and homely hallway. Another benefit of having black runner rugs is that dirt will not show up easily.

    Features of Vernal Hallway Runners

    Our runner rugs for hallways are crafted with precision and incorporate a range of remarkable features that are sure to exceed your expectations. Here, are some of the features of Vernal Hallway Runners that will make you buy them now:

  • Machine Washable Convenience
  • Making maintenance a breeze, we offer runner rugs that offer the convenience of machine washability. These rugs are designed to withstand regular use and potential spills. Moreover, they can be easily cleaned in a standard washing machine, eliminating the need for professional cleaning services or tedious spot cleaning.

  • Kids and Pet Friendly Design
  • We understand that households with children and pets require special consideration. The Vernal Hallway Runners are thoughtfully designed with materials that are safe for kids and pets, providing peace of mind while ensuring durability. Our kids and pet friendly rugs are crafted to withstand the playful activities of little ones and the occasional paw prints, making them a perfect choice for busy households.

  • Low-Pile Height
  • The low-pile design of the rug makes these rugs a practical choice for high-traffic areas. With shorter piles, these hall way runners are easier to clean and maintain. This ensures a neat and tidy appearance even with frequent use. The low-pile height also allows for smooth transitions between rooms and reduces the chances of trips or slips, providing a safer environment for you and your loved ones.

  • Anti-Slip Backing
  • Safety is a paramount concern when it comes to hallway runners. The Vernal washable rug collection is equipped with an anti-slip backing, providing enhanced stability and preventing slips and falls. The anti-slip backing ensures that the runner stays securely in place, even on smooth surfaces or when subjected to active movement. Walk with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that you have non slip hallway runner.

  • Non-Shed
  • Nobody wants to deal with the hassle of constantly picking up rug fibres. The Vernal Hallway Runners are created with non-shedding fibres, ensuring that your hallway remains free from unsightly lint or loose threads. Enjoy the beauty of your runner without the annoyance of shedding, allowing you to maintain a clean and tidy hallway effortlessly.


    Elevate your hallway’s style and functionality with washable hallway runners available to order online. The Vernal Machine Washable Indoor Rug Collection offers a practical and beautiful solution for your hallway needs. With their convenience, durability and stunning designs, these extra long washable runners ensure that your hallway remains fresh and inviting. Furthermore, the machine washable rug collection offers an array of remarkable features that set them apart from the rest.

    So, if you are searching for Hallway Runners in the UK, check out Green Decore’s UK website and you’ll find Vernal Washable Rug Collection. Our hallway runners are the perfect addition to transforming your hallway into a space that reflects your unique style and welcomes you and your guests with warmth and charm.

    So, explore the versatility of washable runners, including hallway runners and kitchen runners. Choose the perfect design from Vernal Machine Washable Rug Collection and create a welcoming and stylish space that sets the tone for your entire home. We offer free delivery across the UK. Simply order and get your favourite rug and runner delivered to your doorstep!

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