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Add a touch of luxury to your home spaces with Green Decore's candles and the exquisite smells in our Vernal premium line of scented candles. Choose from the top ten fragrances meant to perfume your house and lift your spirits while you unwind in comfort and luxury.

Candles- Bestsellers

It’s quite difficult to choose a favourite fragrance or candle after enjoying so many different scented candles. Simply take a look at our list of Green Decore’s TOP 5 most popular candles and fragrances, and perhaps you'll discover the next fantastic aroma that should permeate your personal space.

In this post, we'll examine what sets these items apart from the countless other impressive high-end candles available.

  • Vernal Ginger Snap Scented Candle ( White Tea & Ginger )- With its invigorating embrace, White Tea, Spicy Ginger, and a little trace of Cool Peppermint will brighten up your area. This candle's peaceful aroma will fill your house, enabling you to decompress and cleanse while you bask in the peace.
  • Vernal Garden Of Delight Scented Candle ( Rose & Violet )- Freshly cut Roses, sweet old-fashioned Violets, and heady notes of Lotus Flower and White Musk mix to create a natural, decadent aroma that is reminiscent of childhood summers and evokes fond memories of bygone eras. It is like a wonderful perfume.
  • Vernal Citrus Spring Scented Candle ( Fresh Linen & Jasmine )- This flowery candle wonderfully balances the crisp springtime smells of Citrus Blossom and White Flower with a tinge of Jasmine and a little touch of White Musk. This luxurious candle is a contemporary classic that will fill your house with a dreamy but energizing aroma.
  • Vernal Ethos Scented Candle ( Bergamot & White Oud )- You'll be taken to a garden of earthy delights by the energizing citrus tang of Bergamot combined with White Oud and a smidgen of Amber. It begins with a woodsy smokey scent that is rich in nuances and ranges from sweet to earthy. This scent seduces and has long been thought to calm the mind.
  • Vernal Blissful woods Scented Candle ( Blackberry & Cedar )- This candle's overtones of warm cedar wood and amber, the fantasy aroma sometimes referred to as "tears of the sun," accompany the comforting fall scents of blackberry and cranberry. When you want to cosy up in front of the fire and create a calming and romantic atmosphere, this scent is the ideal option.

To Conclude!

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