75 cm x 240 cm Washable Runner Rugs

Browse a broad selection of 75cm x 240 cm (runner) washable rugs, including geometric and Persian rugs in colours like blue, grey, black, and teal. Perfect for any little location that needs a decorative flair, including your foyer, kitchen, bathroom, or other 

75cm x 240 cm Machine Washable Runner Rugs.

Due to its size, a 75cm x 240cm rug can be used in a variety of locations. 75cm x 240cm runners are the simplest way to bring colour and texture to any small or narrow rooms in your home, whether they are in the kitchen, hallway, entryway, bedroom, living room, bathroom, or laundry room. This is because of their slender and lengthy size.

Where to Put a 75cm x 240 cm Washable Rug

The 75cm x 240cm washable runner rug enhances your environment with texture, colour, and personality, especially in smaller areas.

  • Entryway-Placed in the foyer or entryway 75cm x 240cm runner rugs instantly give the space a homey feel. Choose a 75cm x 240cm low-pile rug for this busy area.
  • Kitchen- A 75cm x 240cm washable runner rug would look great in front of the sink in a small to midsize kitchen. Your runner should be placed on one or both sides of the island in kitchens with extra room.
  • Bedroom- A 75 cm x 240 cm washable runner rug will offer a soft landing on either side of a full-size bed or in the space between two twin beds in the bedroom.
  • Living Room- A 75 cm x 240 cm runner rug in the living room will highlight and define a specific region, such as a reading nook or a lounging space near the fireplace.
  • Outdoors- A small patio, deck, or balcony would also look lovely with a 75cm x 240 cm machine washable runner rug.

Green Decore’s Machine Washable 75cm x 240cm Runner Rugs!

Our 75cm x 240 cm washable runner rugs are machine washable, water resistant, and stain resistant, making them ideal for high traffic areas like your foyer, kitchen, or living room! We have the ideal 75 cm x 240 cm runner for you, no matter what colour, pattern, or style you're looking for! Eco-friendly and sustainable our Machine Washable Rugs are a must have for every space.

Apart from 75cm x 240cm Runner Rugs we have different sizes available as well in Machine Washable Rugs including 120 cm x 180 cm, 150 cm x 210 cm & 200 cm x 300 cm.

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