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Easter Present Ideas 2019

Spring has sprung and Easter is finally on its way this month! If you are stuck for something to buy for your loved ones or friends, why not consider a bright rug from Green Decore to add some colour into their home.


They are available in a range of styles and sizes and are the perfect accompaniment to any room in the house. Here are some present suggestions in a range of Easter-inspired colours and designs.

by Stephanie Sanders


This colour is associated with the blood that Jesus Christ had shed for mankind. Consequently, the colour red is a symbol of love and sacrifice for goodness of humanity.

Silky Tribal Red Rug

 Silky Tribal Red Rug


Easter colour purple is indicative of royalty. It is said that the colour purple brings wealth.

Natura Purple Rug

Natura Purple Rug


Easter colour pink represents a fresh beginning.

Nirvana Pink and White Rug

Pink Nirvana Rug 


The colour green brings ray of hope and is the colour of grass.

Nirvana Green and White Rug

Nirvana Green and White Rug 


This Easter colour signifies purity and grace.

Whisper Wool Rug, Ivory

 Whisper Wool Rug, Ivory

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